Failure is not when your girlfriend leaves you, It's only when you leave her Virgin.

Love is a sensation that is caused by temptation. A boy puts his location in a girls destination.
Did you get my explanation or Do you wanna demonstration.

In terms of  sex satisfaction, woman is like a road and man is like a traveler. The traveler gets tired but the road never ends...

Love is a gamble; Sex is a game; Boys do the thing Girls get the blame; 1 night in pleasure; 9 months of pain; 1 day in hospital and a Junior needs a name.

Q: Who is stronger, Man Or Woman?
A: A woman because she lifts 2 mountains on her chest while a man lifts 2 stones with the help of a crane.

10 Qualities of a perfect Girlfriend:
Truthful, Intelligent, Gentle, Humble, Tolerant, Polite, Understanding, Sexy, Smart, Youthful.

Q: Why are breasts located in the upper half of a woman's body?
A: Because milk should be kept away from the pussy?

Priest saw a Nun removing Top. He Says, "Oh God Close My Eyes." When He opened eyes, She was fully undressed! Priest's thing got hard and He Says, "God Now you close your Eyes."

Girl: If my right leg is lunch and left is dinner. What will you like to have?
Boy: I am on diet. I will only have snacks in between lunch and dinner!!

Tension: When wife is pregnant! Terror: When girlfriend is pregnant! Horror: When both are pregnant! Tragedy: When you are not responsible for both.

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